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The Bell Family

Growing up, we spent every summer vacation at the beach and for as long as I can remember we would always go to Goatfeathers and get shrimp, because let's be honest, it's amazing! But as the years passed it didn't just become a place where we would go to get great shrimp, it became a place of deeply rooted memories.

It was the place where as a young girl I tried shrimp for the first time, a place where my little sister begged and begged to take home a Goatfeathers shirt that she ended up wearing proudly for years, a place that we persuaded all of our friends and family to visit while they were at the beach just so they could bring us home some of the Goatfeathers rub that flavored some of the best meals we shared as a family, a place our Deddy would visit the minute his car hit 30A, a place where me and my siblings came the week after our Deddy passed away because what better way to honor his life and cherish his memory then to eat his favorite shrimp at his favorite restaurant in his favorite place, and a place where my baby brother and his wife recently shared a special honeymoon meal.

To us, Goatfeathers is much more then a restaurant with an funny name, it's a part of our story and a place that connects us back to some of the sweetest memories we have as a family and a place that will undoubtedly hold some of the sweetest memories that have yet to be made.

Happy 30th Anniversary Goatfeathers!

Much love,

The Bell Family from Alabama

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